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Founded in August 1999, The Healthy Foundation began with an innovative vision to provide daily multi-vitamins to the homeless.

First Pilot Project
Within six months, the Vitamins for the Homeless pilot program was implemented at the Prado Day Center for the Homeless in San Luis Obispo, California, where daily supplements were provided to the homeless at lunchtime. The results of the pilot report exceeded expectations, and The Healthy Foundation’s Vitamins for the Homeless™ program gained both local and national acclaim.

Children First™ Begins
In December 2000, through donations of funds and supplements, The Healthy Foundation was able to begin the it’s first program for at-risk children: Children First™ in Santa Barbara, California, in collaboration with the Santa Barbara County Food Bank.

In its first year of operation, Children First™ grew to serve over 6,000 at-risk children a day in 26 states and gained national attention, as the media, communities, organizations began to recognize the positive and lasting effects of nutritional supplementation.

Congressional Funding
During this time, a grassroots lobby effort to gain Congressional support and funding for The Healthy Foundation and its programs led to an earmarked appropriation of $500,000 to study the impact of vitamin intake on at-risk youth. This was particularly exciting news since organizations as new the foundation are rarely awarded with Congressional earmarked funding.

Programs / Summer 2003
The Healthy Foundation continues to grow and expand it multi-vitamin programs under the moniker of Vitamin Relief USA™. Vitamin Relief USA™ programs include:

  • Children First™ & Operation IQ™ – which currently serve over 13,000 children a day in nearly 40 states at over 250 sites across the country
  • Better Student Research Initiative™ – a research project to study the impact of vitamin intake on the academic performance of at-risk youth
  • Senior Support™ – a one-year program providing vitamins to 1,100 at-risk seniors
  • Vitamins for the Homeless™ – assuring that homeless adults have their basic nutritional needs met.

The Healthy Foundation Receives Awards
Most recently, The Healthy Foundation was awarded the Impact Award from the California Association of Non-Profits for the positive impact it has made in local and national communities with its creative and collaborative work fighting malnutrition.

The Dietary Supplement Education Alliance (DSEA) awarded the first annual “DSEA Heroes Awards” to The Healthy Foundation at the Natural Products Expo West on March 7, 2003, to honor the foundation’s important mission of improving the health status of thousands of at-risk children through vitamin supplementation across the nation.

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