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What if we could increase children’s ability to learn, decrease their behavioral problems and raise their IQ levels all at the same time? Research indicates that a daily multi-vitamin can do all that.

Public schools, Head Start and Healthy Start programs around the country are participating in this innovative vitamin distribution program based on the idea that a multi-vitamin a day will help their students succeed academically. Surveys documenting the impact of vitamin intake are substantiating this idea.

The vitamins are shipped free of charge to the participating sites. School nurses and teachers dispense bottles of the free vitamins to the parents of at-risk students. In some cases, teachers or nurses distribute vitamins to the children in class or in the nurse’s office.

As of Summer 2003, Operation IQ™ partners with 22 public schools and 33 Head Start programs as well as innovative collaborations such as Arnold's All Stars and Rotary International in 11 states, providing vitamins to over 4,000 underprivileged school children every day.

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