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Each year, The Healthy Foundation sends observational surveys to Vitamin Relief USA™ collaborative partner sites in order to gage the impact of its vitamin distribution programs for children. The results of the 2003 survey include both the Children’s First™ and the Operation IQ™ programs. Staff, teachers and parents participated in the survey.

Although this is only an observational survey, the results have continually exceeded expectations. An earmarked appropriation of $500,000 from Congress, awarded to The Healthy Foundation, will result in a rigorous scientific study, researching the impact of vitamin intake on school-aged children and their academic performance. For more information on this, see Vitamin Relief USA’s - Better Student Research Initiative™

Number Of Children Represented In Survey:
Girls: 697 - Ages: 3 to 12 yrs.
Boys: 675 - Ages: 3 to 12 yrs.
TOTAL: 1,372 At-risk children

Question Parents Staff & Teachers
How often does your child / children take the daily vitamins? 56%



Always / everyday
Almost always -
9 out of 10 times
Most the time -
7 out of 10 times
About half the time
Very seldom -
2 out of 10 times
Never - They don’t ever take them

Do you feel this program has been good for your child / children?

I am not sure /
don’t know

I am not sure /
don’t know

I feel better knowing they
are getting the essential vitamins and minerals they need.
80% Agreed N/A
Generally speaking, in your observations, how has taking the vitamins been helpful to the children? % of Parents That Agreed % of Staff & Teachers That Agreed
They have more energy. 55% 44%
They are more physically active. 48% 34%
They feel better physically. 48% N/A
They are eating better. 59% 45%
They are sleeping better. 46% 22%
They are not ill as often as before. 42% 36%
When they are ill, it is not as severe nor does it last as long as before. 34% 18%
They are better mentally. 34% 21%
They are better emotionally. 32% 22%
They can concentrate better. 37% 20%
They are more positive. 36% 25%
They are less depressed. 29% 19%
They are less angry and less aggressive. 27% 14%
They are less irritable. 31% 21%
I do not have to correct them as much as before. 26% 08%
They are getting along better with their friends. 29% 14%
They are doing better in school. 38% 23%
Their grades have improved. 31% 15%
Their teachers are telling me they are doing better in school. 32% N/A
They are taking better care of themselves. 32% 24%
They feel better about themselves. 37% 27%
Have you ever participated in the USDA Food Stamp Program? Yes - 47% N/A
Does your family currently receive Food Stamps? Yes - 36% N/A
What percentage of your client families are Food Stamp program participants? N/A Between 90-100%
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