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Malnutrition is one of the great tragedies of homelessness. It invites the onset of devastating chronic illnesses and causes depression – a combination that undermines any progress towards successful functioning.

Vitamins for the Homeless™ benefits homeless men and women by providing them the minimum essential vitamins and minerals – regardless of whether they have eaten sufficient food that day. In this way, Vitamins for the Homeless™ helps homeless adults restore their health, a critical first step to becoming self-sufficient again.

Pilot Program
Vitamins for the Homeless™ began in January 2000 with a 60-day pilot program in San Luis Obispo, California, at the Economic Opportunity Commission Prado Day Center for the Homeless. During the lunchtime meal, daily nutritional supplement packets, providing needed essential vitamins and minerals, were distributed.

At its completion, the pilot program was hallmarked as "a tremendous success" by local authorities. Click here to learn the details.

Program to resume in Winter 2006
Funding permitting, this program will become active again in Winter 2006.

To learn more about how this program is administered,
click here.

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