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Children’s Programs: Children’s First™ and Operation IQ™
Testimonials for Senior Support™
Testimonials for Vitamins For The Homeless™

Children’s Programs: Children’s First™ and Operation IQ™
From Parents and Grandparents

"Vitamins have helped my children become more healthy. The white spots on their skin (from anemia) have disappeared. Also, they get sick less with colds and coughs."

Alfreda Guatemala, Parent, Los Adobes Head Start, Santa Maria, CA

“My children have gained weight, and they eat better.”

Ruth Johnson, Rosies’ Place Food Bank, Boston, MA

“Before, my daughter began taking these vitamins, she used to sleep a lot during the day and now she doesn’t. She is more active and more talkative. I am very thankful.”

Eussiquetta H., Los Adobes Head Start, Santa Maria, CA

“I am glad to know what it is that makes my grandchild feel and do better in school. I don’t have to take her to the doctor as much. I will do what I can to help.”

Sarah Threadgill, Haworth, OK

“My kids love the vitamins…They know it makes them feel good, and healthy and they get less sickness from regular colds, cough and flu."

Anonymous, Portland, OR

“Since taking the vitamins, my children memorize better.”

Sofia Sandoval, Los Angeles, CA

“My daughter is eating better, even sleeping through the night. I do hope you continue this program…as long as possible. It also helps us parents save money. Vitamins are very expensive.”

Patricia Lee, Brooklyn, NY

“My four-year-old son has fewer allergies since he’s been taking the vitamins.”

Linda Torres, Santa Maria, CA

“I noticed that my children increased their concentration at school activities and doing homework [since taking the vitamins]. They now have a lot of energy.”

Mrs. Albelina Montoya, Goleta, CA

“Being a foster parent, I feel this helps the children because they are already feeling low about themselves. With the vitamins, I noticed a change in them; they are more active and more physically active in school. Thank you."

Anonymous, New York, NY

From Teachers and School Staff

“You asked for my thoughts on our vitamin program and its success. This is easy for me to address because I truly believe I have seen with my own eyes the benefits of this endeavor. We have been blessed at Tom Elementary School to be on the receiving end of a magnanimous vitamin foundation. This foundation provided our children with vitamins they needed for 2 years now. In my class, I insist on vitamins before lunch every day. Because of this, I believe that my students are healthier, and thus performed better. I base this belief on my 14 years of teaching experience in this same community. I am by no means an expert on vitamins, but feel adequate when discussing children and school performance. Based on years of teaching without a vitamin program and now two years with one, I can testify that vitamins have helped in my classroom. I only hope we can continue providing this for the children.”

Dee Dee Thompson, Teacher, Tom Elementary, Haworth, OK

“I am a firm believer that the vitamin program has worked to improve student health as well as education. I didn’t realize something as simple as a vitamin program could produce such amazing results.”

Carol D. Thompson, Educator, Tom Elementary Public School, Haworth, OK

“There has been a great improvement…I have seen an increase in attention span and an acceleration in academics. I would estimate a 100% decrease in absences. I have not had any students who are absent.”

Mrs. Sylvia Baker, fourth grade, Tom Elementary, Haworth, OK

“I have noticed that the children come more awake in the morning. They seem to have a lot of energy.”

Karen Cisneros, Teacher, USC Head Start,
St. Vincent Center, Los Angeles, CA

“As I was having lunch today, I learned of an interesting bit of information. One of the teachers said, ‘You know the children are not bringing plastic bags of cooked clay to school since they started taking vitamins.’ My response was of course, ‘What are you talking about?’ She began to explain to me how in the past, children would bring oven-baked clay to school and eat it. Needless to say I was shocked. I remembered from nursing class learning about pregnant women sometimes eating dirt or other materials when they were iron deficient and the term pica…I did think it unusual and worthy of passing along to you.”

Michael Ebert, School Nurse, Tom Elementary

From Staff At Organizations Who Serve At Risk Children

“Parents are loving the program. They know they can always come to me and ask for more and get them. This is important because my clients have poor health care and are always hearing people tell them, “NO.” Now they can feel they are doing something to directly improve their children’s health.”

Denise Butchers, BA, case manager,
St. Joseph’s Village for the Homeless, San Francisco, CA

“We are glad to be able to offer better nutrition to these children, who are already under such stress.”

Willow Dees, Health Care for the Homeless, Roanoke, VA

From Health Professionals

“Many of my clients are homeless and rely on food banks which often give a lot of grains and breads but not always a balanced diet. I have seen many, many children who get colas, candy and chips for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This vitamin program is a tremendous help to our children’s growth and development.”

Rhonda Brouillard, Mental Health Counselor and Child Mental Health
Specialist, Health Care for the Homeless, 45th Street Clinic, Seattle, WA

“The free [vitamin] program helps open a door for families to look at health preventively rather than illness-based.”

Stephanie Abel, RN, Community Health Specialist, Hennepin Co.
Health Care for the Homeless, Minneapolis, MN

“I am very appreciative of the program because folic acid is a hard vitamin to get sufficient amounts of in diet alone, and it is such an important vitamin for healthy outcomes in life and prevention of disease.”

Wendy Slusser, M.D., Staff Doctor, Venice Family Clinic, Venice, CA

“Our patients ask for vitamins so it is great to be able to give them to the families. Your program provides us with an opportunity to go over diet and nutrition as it relates to school performance…Thank you!”

Staff Doctor, Anonymous, Venice Family Clinic, Venice, CA

"It has been very popular with our patients especially the Hispanic patients who place a lot of value on vitamins for kids, and may be at risk for iron or vitamin deficiency.”

Dr. Fred Groos, Medical Director,
Family Health Medical & Dental Center, Wautoma, WI

Testimonials for Senior Support™

“I am delighted that Riverside is a pilot city for a major health initiative for seniors. Vitamins are important for the quality of our health, and especially for seniors.”

Ronald O. Loveridge, Mayor of Riverside, CA

“On behalf of the Commission, I wish to express our sincere gratitude to The Healthy Foundation for serving Riverside’s senior community. This represents an extraordinary gesture of concern for the physical welfare of our older citizens.”

William Timmons, Vice-Chair of the
Mayor’s Commission on Aging, Riverside, CA

Testimonials for Vitamins For The Homeless™

“We agree with The Healthy Foundation that vitamins for the homeless just makes sense, and we believe the Vitamins for the Homeless Program is a cost-effective economical way of meeting this basic need of our most vulnerable neighbors.”

Brenda J. Proffitt, MHA, Project Director,
Health Care for the Homeless Clinician’s Network, Nashville, TN

“During the course of the pilot program [Vitamin Relief USA-Vitamins for the Homeless], I observed the following: a decrease in the number of altercations between homeless clients, as well as with staff, including argumentative, combative and violent behavior. In fact, I believe the police had to be called less during this time than is usual for the program site.”

Tom Beam, P.T., Head of Homeless Outreach of
SLO County Mental Health Services, SLO, CA.

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