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The Vision: A Healthy America

From metropolitan cities to rural country settings, children and seniors at risk for malnutrition are making dramatic improvements in health, school performance, behavior and self-esteem through Vitamin Relief USA?/The Healthy Foundation? programs. The vision behind these improvements is the eradication of nutritional deficiencies in the United States through multi-vitamin and mineral supplementation programs.

The Strategy: A National Public-Private Partnership And Collaboration To Help Those At Risk For Malnutrition

Vitamin Relief USA? owes its success to an innovative model of collaboration driven by the belief that every American, regardless of socio-economic status, deserves to receive the basic vitamin and mineral nutrients that are vital to health and well-being.

The supportive arm of the collaboration includes corporate America , the natural product industry, various funding organizations, as well as concerned private citizens, visionary philanthropists and the U.S. Congress and governmental agencies. They provide the funds, and donate multi-vitamins and minerals, as well as other items and services necessary to run the programs.

The distribution arm of the collaboration is made up of a diverse group of more than 550 organizations and agencies in 39 states. Across the country, ministers, social workers, teachers, students, volunteers, physicians and nurses, as well as other program staff, distribute Vitamin Relief USA? vitamins to those in need. Collaborative partners include Head Start, Healthy Start and WIC programs, K-12 public schools and school districts, Volunteers of America, Rotary Clubs, Health Care for the Homeless Clinician's Network, Community Health Centers, Council on Aging programs, homeless and battered women shelters, Native American programs, Salvation Army, YWCA and YMCA, Boys & Girls Clubs, City Park and Recreation Departments, hospital outreach programs, public health departments, medical and nursing school community outreach programs, and countless other community-based and faith-based organizations. These groups provide the distribution sites, staff and time, to provide the multi-vitamins to those in need.

It is through this donation of valuable staff time at our collaborative distribution sites coupled with the generosity of our sponsors and supporters in both funds and vitamins, that we are able to provide daily nutritional support for thousands of our nation's most vulnerable citizens.

The Implementation: How It Works

Vitamin Relief USA? multi-vitamins are shipped to our collaborative distribution sites who give the multi-vitamins to their clients. Sites serving 50 or fewer clients per day are usually sent a one years supply of multi-vitamins. Sites serving more than 50 clients per day are usually sent multi-vitamins on a quarterly basis.

Vitamin Relief USA? maintains a close relationship with each individual distribution site to assure success of the program. All sites also provide periodic updates on exactly how many bottles of multi-vitamins have been distributed. Also, sites participate in our ?Annual Site Survey? that gathers important information to gauge the success and measure specific outcomes of the program.

Growth and Expansion: A Natural Evolution

The word is out: Almost daily, the Vitamin Relief USA/The Healthy Foundation phones ring with calls from interested agencies and organizations eager to become a collaborative distribution site. Through national and local media coverage in newspapers, magazines, television and radio, as well as word of mouth from our sites to other agencies, Vitamin Relief USA ? is known broadly as a viable, economical and effective intervention in the continuum of care for those at risk.

A Model That Works: The Growing Consensus

Vitamin Relief USA?/The Healthy Foundation? was founded in August 1999 and in 2001 received recognition. The foundation was awarded an earmarked appropriation of $500,000 from the U.S. Congress to conduct a study on the impact of vitamin intake on the academic performance of at-risk youth. Considering that the foundation is currently providing daily vitamins to public schools, Head Start and Healthy Start programs nation wide, it is easy to understand why Congress is eager to support this innovative model of collaboration.

Impressive results have earned Vitamin Relief USA? multiple awards:

The first-ever ?Impact Award? by the California Association of Non-profits (CAN)

The ?Celebrating Excellence Award? from the Campaign for Better Health and Citizens for Health

The first ?Celebrating Seniors Award? from Senior Friendly Communities of America

The ?Hero Award? from the Dietary Supplement Education Alliance

You Are Invited To Join Us

Our success is due to the collaborative spirit of our stakeholders. The Vitamin Relief USA? programs would not be feasible without the enthusiastic and gracious support of individuals and sponsors who share a similar objective concerning the eradication of malnutrition in the United States . Our commitment is not a duty but rather a choice and a privilege. We invite you to join us. Thank you.


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